On this beautiful day in November, I wish our community members a nice and peaceful Thanksgiving. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you to help our refugee families who arrived to the Capital region in 2016. I am grateful for our dedicated board members and for our outstanding and committed volunteers. In many areas around the world, our brothers and sisters are struggling to find food, water, shelter or safety. Although many are in need of a helping hand, I am grateful that there are supportive communities for those who managed to get to our shores. We have a dedicated and generous community that has stood by our refugees’ side and continues to help them adapt and thrive.  I pray we can continue to work together to lend a hand to whomever needs it, whether in the US or in the rest of the world. 

May God bless our community and keep us united.

Love and care,

Ilham AlMahamid, Ph. D.
Founder and Director
New York for Syrian Refugees



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