1. Go to Zoom.com. Create a Zoom account.
  2. Once created, go to Sign In.
  3. In addition to using your email address and password to sign in, there are 3 other options:
    1. SSO
    2. Google (I click on Google and eliminate the need for entering email address/password)
    3. Facebook
  4. Click on “Schedule a Meeting.”
  5. Under “Topic,” enter a child’s name and description of activity. For example, I will title meetings this way:
    1. Ahmad – Homework; or Fatema – Citizenship; or Tutor Training.
  6. I do not enter a meeting description.
  7. Enter the date and time of the meeting.
  8. At the bottom of the screen, hit “SAVE.”
  9. Locate Invite Link and “Copy Invitation.”
  10. Send this invitation to your student’s email or phone.
  11. To return to this meeting information on another day, log in to ZOOM and select “Previous.”
  12. Locate the meeting and select “Start.”



If there is only one student in the meeting, there is no time limit. If there are two or more students, ZOOM restricts the time to 40 minutes. It is not difficult to go back in.


Students can use the same link over and over. There is no need to resend.