Did you know that refugees can legally work from the first day they arrive in the U.S.? Finding a stable job in a respectful working environment is key for resettled refugees as they get on their feet in a new city.

Our jobs team serves as a bridge between resettled families and local businesses. Refugees resettled in New York State bring with them a huge range of experience, skills and ambition. But without a local job history and very few contacts in the community, it can be challenging for refugees to find employment without support. Our jobs team works with all new arrivals to identify their interests and availability, and matches them with local businesses looking to hire. Our team helps throughout the process to ensure that it’s a smooth one for both the new employee and the business. We attend job interviews, assist with translation if needed, help with paperwork, and mentor refugees as they grow in their new roles. We strive not only to place every single refugee in a job, but to support them as they build fulfilling, long-term careers.

Would your business benefit from hiring refugees? Do you want to join our support team? Can you provide career mentorship? Email us at hirearefugee@ny4syrians.org.